Waters Edge RV Park
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Fishing Information

Some of you may know me. My name is Lyndon Wicker. I have worked as a guide here on Kentucky Lake for many years. I myself have a camper located at Water's Edge and have since 2007. I highly recommend Mick (Waters Edge owner), Jim (On site manager), Kurt (Maintenance) and Jerry ( Also Maintenance) when you are looking for a campground for a permanent or transient site, or boat slip.

I routinely provide up to date fishing reports and stories for the lake area web sites. Of course I am prejudice but to me there is no other like Kentucky and Barkley Lakes. The crappie and bass fishing are second to none! We have both black and white crappie, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass, red ear, catfish, and a wide array of other fish that make fine table fare.

I get dozens of calls and emails every spring from people wanting to know about fishing Kentucky or Barkley. The first step is to check online fishing reports. I was the first guide to give current reports in 1997. Although I am not presently guiding due to a back injury I can also be contacted for assistance at info@kylakefishtales.com 

The best advise I can give is to have a good map and use it. For much of the year we are not at summer pool. Stay in the marked channels when running between bays or across to the LBL. Speaking of the LBL, even though you are in Tennessee when you cross directly east of Blood River and to the south you can fish it with your Kentucky License. Just stay north of the US 79 bridge at Paris Landing, TN.  

Another thing to remember is Kentucky does not allow open containers of alcohol on the water. Plan according! We also have a 10 inch size limit and 20 per day limit on both species of crappie. A complete list of regulations is available by going to the links page and clicking on Kentucky Fishing Regulations.

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